She said: “The jewels. It’s all about the jewels.”

I posed a question to my female friends on Facebook:  what Valentine’s gift would you most like  — flowers, chocolate, lingerie, or jewelry?  I got a number of responses, but one of them pretty much summed up the majority.  “The jewels,” she said.  “It’s all about the jewels.”

The results were pretty definitive:  women love to receive jewelry from their guys.  So, while your sweetie may really appreciate flowers, lingerie, or candy, the bottom line is you simply can’t go wrong with jewelry — on Valentine’s Day or any other day.

But why?  Have you ever thought about why women enjoy jewelry so much?

B2C Jewels Blue Topaz and Diamond Rings and other gems There is just something impressive about precious gems, gold, and silver. They don’t call face-centered, cubic-crystalline-structured allotropes of carbon a “girl’s best friend” for nothing.  And diamonds aren’t even the most precious mineral. Flawless rubies are rarer.  And more valuable still (per carat) are alexandrite and jadeite.

Often more important than what the jewelry is made of, however, is how it is made — a wonderfully-designed necklace or bracelet of semi-precious stones and cleverly-wrought metal can be more appealing than a gaudy but aesthetically less-pleasing design incorporating diamonds.  It’s all a matter of taste.  Still, beautifully-designed jewelry that features one or more of the “big 5”:  diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and pearls (technically not a “precious stone”) is always going to be impressive. 

And it’s been that way for thousands of years of human history.

No human society has ever been found that does not adorn the body.  What is more, all bodily adornment has some type of significance.  In the case of jewelry, the meaning is clear:  we associate ourselves with some of the rarest, purest, most beautiful substances found on earth.  Gemstones sparkle like stars. Thus do we enhance our splendor.  They also last longer than any natural object.  Thus do we increase our importance.  Spiritual meanings are ascribed to jewels as well.  The gem-studded crowns of kings and queens were as much about channeling esoteric “power” as they were about material status.  All jewelry has meaning.

And thus, the wearer of jewelry — which women seem to instinctively understand better than men — becomes more precious, more important, more beautiful.  That is the message you send when you wear jewelry.  Or give it as a gift.

I have been hunting for places on the Web that I can recommend where you can go to find great jewelry for that special person.  I’ve found a couple.

B2C Jewels

 The first is B2C Jewels.  “B2C” stands for “Business to Consumer,” which means they provide wholesale prices to you, saving the middle-man markup.  They have been diamond wholesalers for over 20 years and their website has become one of the most popular online sources for elegant jewelry at great prices

They offer loose diamonds and the capability to design your own ring online.  They also offer lookalike jewelry similar to that which famous celebrities have worn for thousands less than the originals you see on the red carpet.  They have educational info on jewelry-buying and an online chat feature so you can ask questions.  They also support the Kimberly Process that works to halt the trading of “conflict diamonds.”

I am impressed with their customer service and pricing.  And their selection is quite good.  On their homepage, click on “View Media Page” in the right sidebar to see video news features and coverage of B2C Jewels from such publications as The Wall Street Journal, Redbook, and Modern Bride.

Here are some of their products.  You can see details on their site by clicking on the images:
14K White Gold Genuine Ruby and Diamond Pendant from B2C JewelsProng Set Princess Diamond Stud Earrings in White Gold(1/5 cttw.) from B2C Jewels18K Yellow Gold And Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet from B2C Jewels

Are you planning on proposing soon?  They’ve got you covered for that, too (click the text link):
Perfect Engagement Ring for Your Valentine

 Here’s my other recommendation for excellent jewelry…


Novica is the place to find rare, artisanal, handcrafted jewelry. 

In association with National Geographic, Novica was founded to offer artisans, craftspeople, and artists from around the world a fair-trade online marketplace through which to sell their creations.  In over 10 years online, Novica has become one of the best sources of unusual jewelry, home decor, art, crafts, apparel, and more from an international collection of diverse artisans, designers, and artists.  Now offering an inventory of 30,000 unique products, Novica has also changed lives for the better by enabling indigenous, traditional, and little-known artisans and communities to present their wares to the world.

Novica is particularly valuable as a source for hand-crafted jewelry from 8 different regions around the globe.

A gift of jewelry for Valentine's Day is made even more special when it is one of the unique, artisanal designs available from NOVICA online, such as these Gold Vermeil Filigree Earrings titled "Our Two Hearts."

Gold Vermeil Filigree Earrings — “Our Two Hearts” — from Novica

For example, these delicate Gold Vermeil Filigree Earrings (pictured at left) are hand-made by Giuliana Valz-Gen in Peru, where she takes much of her inspiration for her designs from nature.

These earrings are called “Our Two Hearts,” and would obviously make a lovely Valentine’s Day gift.  They are made of sterling silver with an overlay of 21-karat gold.

They are only $79, and come with an interesting story about the artisan (which you can read at the Novica site) whose life and family have been benefited by her partnership with Novica. 

Many of the designs sold through Novica are very reasonably priced, especially when considering their unique nature.

A gift suggestion for her for Valentine's Day would be something like this silver pendant necklace featuring a garnet.

Garnet Heart Necklace — “Love Surprise” — from Novica. A nice surprise for her on Valentine’s Day.

Another example of the creative, artisanal jewelry available through Novica is the necklace pictured at right — a silver heart shape surrounding a garnet, and titled “Love Surprise” by its creator, Khun Boom, of Thailand.

This sterling silver heart pendant features a combination finish, hammered on one side and polished on the other.  The garnet is known as the gem of love and passion.  And this necklace, which would make a special gift for your Valentine, is under $60 at Novica.

Take some time to explore their extensive jewelry offerings, which include rings, bracelets, coordinated jewelry sets, pendants, hairclips, brooches, anklets, cuffs, and more. 

Novica also carries men’s jewelry.  Now that you understand the significance of precious gems and jewelrya little better, you might want to consider some for yourself.  You’re uniquely valuable, too.  Express it.

Bottom line:  you can discover something excellent to adorn your significant other at one of the online jewelry stores highlighted in this review.  Take some time to explore both B2C Jewels and NOVICA.  Find just the right gift.  Her smile will let you know you chose exactly right. 

Remember, it’s all about the jewels. 🙂


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