One Thing Humans Agree On is Flowers…

…even guys.  Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or just a plain old Thursday, flowers are always appropriate.  And here’s one of the best ways to get them.

A single red roseYou could hardly find anybody who thinks flowers are not beautiful.  When it comes to discussions about what constitutes beauty, flowers are one of the few things immune to exclusion.  Other items are not so clear cut.  You can argue about whether many things are or are not beautiful.  For example, is a Hummer beautiful?  How about a chicken?  A bleached skull?  Whether something possesses “beauty” often has to do with the meaning we ascribe to it.  For example, men think women are beautiful.  And, generally, men think race horses are beautiful.  But the associated feelings are quite different.  The same goes for mountains or fountain pens. Different, but somehow beautiful.  Some things we get picky about.  We like most mountains, but not all fountain pens.  Some men think some women are not beautiful — that is, they apply exclusionary criteria.  Some men tend to be more generous to things like horses or trees than they are to women when it comes to considering aspects of beauty.  (The saving grace is that some man, somewhere, will find any particular woman lovely.  And vice versa.)

Here I digress to note that, historically, we find many animals beautiful.  Have you ever seen an ugly wolf?  An unattractive eagle?  (But don’t ask ranchers about those two.)  Kind of makes you wonder:  do animals think humans are beautiful?  They might, but what we know for sure is that humans are the only species that depicts other species as objects of inspiration or reverence.  (Consider the 16,000-year-old cave paintings of Lascaux.)  I wonder if animals think flowers are pleasing to look at… 

Maybe bees and hummingbirds.

Fleurop-Interflora EBC AG

What is for sure is that people of all ages and backgrounds, from a toddler picking a dandelion to Don Vito Corleone among his roses, enjoy flowers.  It seems to be instinctual.  Their sight and scent accompany our most important social occasions (marriages, funerals, fundraising banquets) and they are tokens of our most significant emotions.  Humans have surrounded themselves with flowers for thousands of years.  We even name our children after them.  No one ever complains about “ugly” flowers.

For whatever reason, we just love the external sexual organs of flowering plants.  And why not?  Sex is good.  Without sex, neither we, nor flowers, nor animals would be here.  That’s life.

And life is good.

So, flowers are a nice thing to share on special occasions or on no particular occasion.  And if you want to use them to brighten someone’s day (especially hers), or to add beauty to someone’s life, this company is about the best I have found:    Fleurop.

A brief history of Fleurop

In 1908, a florist in Berlin, Max Hübner, founded an association of flower merchants to serve an expanded customer base.  In 1910, a group of 15 American florists agreed to serve each others’ out-of-town flower delivery requests exchanged via telegraph.  This was the beginning of FTD:  Florists’ Telegraph Delivery, which adopted the wing-footed Mercury as its symbol in 1914.  In the meantime, Hübner had met and fallen in love with the proprietress of a flower shop in Zurich, Switzerland.  He married her and moved to Zurich and in 1927, applying the experience of his own association and inspired by the success of FTD, Fleurop-Interflora (Fleurop is an abbreviation of Flores Europae) was founded in Zurich by Hübner to expand flower delivery througout Europe.  A similar association was begun in Great Britain.  In 1946, FTD (which had changed its name to Florists Transworld Delivery), Fleruop-Interflora, and Interflora British Group merged.  Fleurop continued to expand its services and they are now the largest floral company in the world, connecting about 58,000 carefully-selected florists world-wide, with a flower-delivery network that spans 150 countries, including North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, the Carribean, and South America.  For over 80 years, they have delivered the finest floral products and applied the best principles of customer service. 

That’s why, if you want to deliver flowers anywhere in the world, you use Fleurop.

And now…

For flowers any time, anywhere:




A dozen 5-foot-long roses make a pretty darn spectacular gift:

You can find something anyone will like, including gift baskets, chocolate, jewelry, and champagne…

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