Adventures in Lingerie Shopping

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast — you may have just become dimly aware of that fact or maybe it’s one of your favorite holidays and you enjoy racking your brain to come up with exactly the right gift for your sweetie(s).  In either case, here’s an idea or two that can help smooth the road to Valentine’s Day gift-giving success.

Codice d'amore Orientale - Eastern Code of Love Sure, it’s a “manufactured” holiday, but really, a day set aside to celebrate love isn’t so bad, is it?  Although actually, when you think about it, all holidays are about love — maybe appreciation is a better word. 

Ostensibly, Valentine’s Day is about romantic love (though its meaning has expanded in recent decades).  If the notion of romance seems a little cloying to you, think of it as a day to celebrate sex — something we can all get behind. 

Historically, “St. Valentine” is little more than a composite of several martyrs (when the pope established the first feast of St. Valentine in 496, he said he is among those “…whose names are justly reverenced among men, but whose acts are known only to God” — pretty shaky; that could be said of a lot of guys) and no connection between “Valentine’s Day” and romance existed until that productive bon vivant Geoffrey Chaucer invented the connection in the 14th century.  Simply accept that, like a lot of successful things, Valentine’s Day had a sketchy beginning.  Now it’s a tradition and everybody who works at Hallmark is glad.

When it comes to getting the right gift for your main squeeze, you can go the conventional route and choose flowers or chocolate.  Nothing wrong with that.  But is it the most fun you both can have?   Maybe not.  What’s more fun?


Lingerie sends the message that you appreciate her and want her to flaunt her attractiveness to the point you can’t help but ravish her.  Women like to be ravished.  (How would you feel if she gave you something designed to show off your body like a naughty piece of art?)  Valentine’s Day provides dividends for everybody.

Yes, it takes some cojones for a guy to shop for lingerie.  But just think of it as enhancing your level of intimacy — probably something you’ve wished to do with her from the moment she first caught your attention.  

It’s easy to do it right here.  You don’t have to traipse to a mall and embarrass yourself at Bob’s Thongs for Less.  Shop online, enjoy a ton of options, and good prices.  (You can often find nice lingerie for less than the cost of a single flower arrangement.)  Plus the prolonged fantasizing will make the “reveal” that much hotter…  Here are some of the best places:

 Freshpair is a complete underwear emporium for both women and men.  With hundreds of brands and thousands of styles, you can find all sorts of cool garments here, from basic T-shirts to fashionable lingerie.  Right now we’ll focus on the lingerie — and you’re in luck because a lot of it is on sale for up to half off.

Magic Silk Camisole and Lounge set from Freshpair Magic Silk Flared Charmeuse Chemise from FreshpairMagic Silk Chiffon Chemise from Freshpair

 All of these are from Magic Silk at Freshpair.  On the left is the Flared Charmeuse Chemise (just saying “flared charmeuse chemise” to your girl should get her in the mood).  In the middle is the Silk Chiffon Chemise, and on the right is the Camisole and Lounge Set.

For lingerie that she’ll want to sleep in any time, try the Magic Silk Charmeuse Camisole Tap Pant Set, pictured to the right.Magic Silk Charmeuse Camisole Tap Pant set from Freshpair

 Magic Silk also offers “Queen Size” lingerie if you’re Valentine is more largely proportioned.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to everything Freshpair has to offer.  There is much to explore on their site.   For example, here is the Calvin Klein Essentials with Lace Camisole (a Cosmo editor’s pick), only $18:

 Calvin Klein Essentials with Lace Camisole from Freshpair





And, if your girl is a little more “outdoorsy” (and playful) here is the P. J. Salvage Organic Cotton Camo Tank TopPJ Salvage Organic Cotton Tank top from Freshpair

If she is outdoorsy enough to be environmentally conscientious, have her check out other organic cotton items from trendy P. J. Salvage

Freshpair is also currently offering free shipping on all U.S. orders.  And, especially for Valentine’s Day, they’re offering discounts on orders of various sizes through February 7.  See their site to get the codes to use at checkout.  For example, spend at least $75 and get $10 off your order with code LOVE10.

Freshpair Rotating Banner Blue


Flirty Lingerie

Every type and style of lingerie you can imagine (and some you can’t) is available at Flirty Lingerie — from nice to very naughty.  It is a site that is inexhaustible in its resources.  They even have educational articles on lingerie (such as how a woman feels when she’s wearing it).  And the prices are excellent as well.   I can’t show you much of what they have and remain discrete.  Let’s just say they have a lot of nice things to look at.  Following are a few examples out of thousands of possibilities, from elegant robes to, um, “technological” thongs:

 Sheer Silk Chiffon Tailored Blouse Shirt from FlirtyLingerie

 To the left is the Sheer Silk Chiffon Tailored Blouse Shirt, under $40 — versatile enough for everyday wear, sexy enough for the bedroom.  Comes in a variety of colors.  Add the silk thong (with rhinestones) to complete the ensemble.


 Here are a couple of fun outfits…

The Stretch Schoolgirl Crop Top and Micro Mini Skirt (includes garters and stockings):

Stretch Schoolgirl Crop Top and Micro Mini from FlirtyLingerie

 And for additional education-related role play, the Varsity 69 Cheerleader Costume from FlirtyLingerieVarsity 69 Cheerleader Costume:


Maybe your girl isn’t the studious or athletic type.  In that case, try the Punk Rock Top in Stretch Fishnet:

Punk Rock Top in Stretch Fishnet from FlirtyLingerie







If you want to get just what she needs and no more (for sleeping and other activites), you can’t go wrong with the Camisole Pajama Top and Booty Shorts: Camisole Pajama Top and Booty Shorts Panties from FlirtyLingerie



For something she can wear for special romantic occasions — a weekend getaway or when she’s feeling particularly feminine and frisky — she’ll love the Lace  Flare Dress:

Lace Flare Dress from FlirtyLingerie







Flirty Lingerie also has bridal lingerie, dance wear, and elegant gowns (and for under the gown, sheer lace see-through crotchless thong panties).  You can no doubt find something fun for both of you from their huge selection.   


And now for something a little more “classical”…


Cupid gets spanked













No, not that kind of classical, I mean…



Fallback:  If you should get nervous about this, just give her a gift card.  It’ll still count.  She’ll have fun shopping.

 And if you want to see a wide selection of other gifts for Valentine’s Day, Overstock is the place to go for variety and best prices.  They have gifts categorized for your wife, your girlfriend, and that new person you’re interested in.


Below is the Web-app-translated description (from Italian to English) of the plot of the Italian movie Codice d’amore Orientale (Eastern Code of Love).  Play the soundtrack above as you read it.  It’s an ideal Valentine’s Day story: 

“Yawalak and Sailuk, a girl and boy in love with some other person, respectively, to prevent the wedding decided by parents against their feelings, leaving the native village and wander in the wilderness until they arrive at a temple in ruins.  Here they are greeted by the Priest of Love and placed in a community formed by young couples with whom follow the instructions of the teacher.  These, with a profusion of love or erotic oriental effect teaches the secrets of mating more natural, fuller, and more satisfying.”

I hope your Valentine’s Day is natural, fuller, and satisfying. 😉

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