A Review of “Avatar” from the Standpoint of the Law of Attraction Read more

A Review of “Avatar” from the Standpoint of the Law of Attraction

Many people have felt the need to weigh in on Avatar.  Given that, I suppose it’s predictable that there has been no shortage of individuals and groups that have chosen to carp about it.   Whiners from the Vatican to anti-smoking organizations have found something to take exception to in the movie, chiefly because it’s the top-grossing film in the history of […]

T-Shirts:  Function and Art Read more

T-Shirts: Function and Art

From pragmatic, military origins the T-shirt has evolved to become probably the most worn garment in the world today.  From sports to advertising to rebellion to art to sex, their uses and statements are endless.  Find some of the best T-shirts and where to shop for them here. It wasn’t acceptable for a man to be seen wearing a […]

If I Had a Hammer… Read more

If I Had a Hammer…

I’d hammer in the mornin’.  But not too early because my neighbor works 60 hours a week and he doesn’t want me pounding nails when he’s trying to sleep on the weekend. Every man needs a hammer.  (Really, you don’t want to have to borrow one from your neighbor.)  And since you need one, why not […]