There’s just so much stuff to look at here at Best Stuff for Men that I didn’t want you to miss the “GOOD DEALS AND OUTLETS PAGE,” which is full of — that’s right — good deals

So I’m giving you a heads-up.  Go there when it’s time to do some general shopping and you want to save money.  Or when it’s time to figure out something new to do or buy.  Bookmark it.  It’s in the top menu bar.

I update it every week (or oftener) with a number of the best or most interesting deals I can find on this huge world-wide bazaar known as the Internet, as well as the best merchants.  Good sales, good individual item pricing, markdowns, coupons, etc.  Hopefully, something that will fill a need for you.  So check back often.  For example, last week I posted a good deal on Game 1 World Series tickets from TicketNetwork (which is one of the best independent ticket brokers).  That one’s gone now, of course.  But you can still get Game 6 and next season’s Yankee’s tickets there.

And also right now, there’s an insane deal from Best Buy on HP components:  get an HP desktop with Windows 7, an 18.5″ LCD monitor, an HP laptop, an HP netbook, and a NetGear Wireless-G Router, all for less than $1,200!  Plus they’ll send the Geek Squad out to set it up for you for no additional cost!

Of course, all my posts contain some of the best pricing I can find on the items I review or list.  The good deals and outlets page just concentrates a number of vendors and deals into one convenient place.

The GOOD DEALS Page:  It’s right up there   pointing finger    (yeah, look right up past her ass)

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