Get Your Girl a Trinity Costume (and Neo, too)

Carrie Anne Moss as Trinity - click to get a Trinity costumeA Trinity costume from The Matrix is fun for Halloween, but you can give this costume as a gift any time.  Listed below is everything you’ll need, and you can acquire it all from the links on this page.  Also included is how to make a Matrix Neo costume for yourself.

It helps, of course, if your girl likes The Matrix.   I put together this Matrix costume as a Christmas present for my GF awhile back and she really enjoys it.  The Matrix is one of her favorite movies.

Will a Trinity costume look good on any woman?  Carrie Anne Moss is definitely hot in her skin-tight black outfit, but she’s got that slender, college-pole-vaulter build.  How about on a woman who is a bit more curvy — someone, say, like Scarlett Johansson? Well, after seeing my GF in it, all I can say is, it works.

Any day of the year is a good day for her to dress up in her Matrix outfit (and it will be a hit at a costume party).  And if you feel like doing a Neo thing for yourself (sort of like a catholic priest without the, uh, catholicism), that’s covered here, too.  (Scroll down to see the section on how to create an authentic Neo costume.)  Or, heck, if you just want to dress in black, there’s some good suggestions here…

Note: This post was updated with new info and several new links on November 7, 2015.

Trinity wore a variety of outfits in the 3 Matrix films but the one most people remember is what she wore when she and Neo attacked the military installation to save Morpheus in the first film.

Click here to get the Trinity costume coat from

Click here to get the basic Trinity costume coat

Several pieces comprise this costume.  For greatest authenticity, you’ll need to acquire them from different places.  Trinity’s full outfit consists of a coat, pants, top, black boots, and shades.  You can add elbow-length gloves to create Trinity’s look from The Matrix Reloaded.

First and foremost is the long black shiny coat.  This is the piece that will be the most “costumey” in quality — that is, it’s a costume coat that is not necessarily meant to stand up to years of daily wear.  But that’s not a problem, it’s not expensive.  And the Trinity sunglasses are included (though you might want to upgrade the shades — see below).  You can find the deluxe black vinyl Trinity jacket and glasses at Costume SuperCenter, one of my favorite online costume sites.




The PugsGear Matte Black 10422 Sunglasses have smaller, stylish metal frames and look similar to the sunglasses worn by Trinity and Neo in The Matrix.

Pugs Gear makes this style similar to sunglasses worn in The Matrix.

The sunglasses in The Matrix were originally made by Blind Optics and were discontinued long ago.  However, you can sometimes find shades from other manufacturers that remind you of that minimalist, small-lens look favored by Trinity, Neo, and the rest of the characters.

For example, you can try these polarized glasses with matte black gunmetal frames and gray lenses from Pugs Gear.  They’re only $13.99.  Even better, Pugs Gear guarantees them for life.  They offer other frame styles of these glasses, too, including shiny black metal.  They’ll work for both women and men.


Costume SuperCenter


Next, you’ll need pants.  Remember to go with the “shiny” look.  You’ll get the shiniest look from vinyl.

You want shiny black pants to create an authentic look for your Trinity costume from The Matrix. Try these black vinyl pants from Flirty Lingerie. black_vinyl_pants_from_flirtylingerie

Trinity-style pants from Flirty Lingerie

I (and my GF) like these PVC vinyl patent leather pants (pictured at left) from Flirty Lingerie (a fun place to shop).  They are flattering and look great with black boots.

A size “Large” will work for most women.  If your girl is particularly slender or under 5’4″, try the medium or small size.



Black Vinyl Low-rise Pants for Women from Pierre Silber

Vinyl Pants from Pierre Silber

The vinyl pants pictured at right will also fit the bill.  These are black vinyl pants from Pierre Silber, an extensive lingerie and adult costume site.  Right now you can get them for less than $50.  Keep Pierre Silber in mind to explore many other Halloween costume options.




An alternative pair of pants would be tight vinyl or faux leather (or real leather) leggings paired with thigh-high boots.  Try these:  Latex Leggings (not pictured).




These vegan leather black leggings would make a high-quality part of your girl's Trinity costume. Click to buy them from Overstock. Stanzino-Womens-Ultra-Stretch-Leatherette-Leggings

Stanzino black stretch leatherette leggings from Overstock. Click here to get them.

You could go with leggings that she could also wear for clubbing, such as these stretch leatherette leggings from Stanzino:  Women’s Ultra Stretch Leatherette Leggings, which are under $35 from Overstock.

They will provide a more substantial look than vinyl yet are still shiny and have that edgy, sci-fi feel.








Click for this sexy patent vinyl teddy from Pierre Silber


To go with the vinyl or leather pants, a shiny top is best.  And there’s a top at Pierre Silber that ideally fits the bill.  It’s called the Sexy Patent Kitten Long Sleeve Teddy Jumper (that’s it to the left).  This patent-leather-like vinyl teddy has a zipper, so she can wear the neckline as high as she wants.

Zipped all the way up, it bears a pretty good resemblance to some of the tops Trinity wears in the movies.  This vinyl teddy would go well with any of the vinyl pants or leggings described above, and it’s under $35.









Or you could go for an even more all-over costume look and try this black vinyl catsuit (below, left), which has the perfect texture and shine, and would go well with the costume coat.  It would be a pretty warm outfit, though.  Good for a cold Halloween night…

Zip front catsuit in black vinyl






The Trinity costume is sexy, and it certainly helps to add as much shiny, tight vinyl as possible. Such as this black catsuit from Pierre Silber.

Vinyl jumpsuit with zipper in the back from Pierre Silber

Another vinyl costume that would add just the right touch and is a little less expensive than the one above is the vinyl jumpsuit pictured at right.  It’s got a zipper in the back (so you’ve got nothing to interrupt that shiny black vinyl  front).  Click the photo or get it here from Pierre Silber.  The blacker, shinier, and clingier, the better!

Plus you can help her with the zipper later on…







If she already has some black boots, they should work.  However, if she doesn’t, or if you’re going with tight leggings, a provocative option would be  this pair of thigh-high black boots:

Women's Thigh High Black Boots

Thigh-high black boots



4-inch Heel Thigh-High Boots.   They should fit over a pair of tight leggings.  She won’t want to do a lot of running in them.  But they’re sexy, which is probably better.  And under $60 at Flirty Lingerie.








Black women's boots for your Trinity Matrix costume from BuyCostumes

Black patent Gogo Boots from BuyCostumes work for Trinity

If you want something that looks more like the actual boots Trinity wore in the movie’s lobby shootout, you can go to MotorCowboy and have a pair custom-made for just over $300, or you can go with these Gogo boots from BuyCostumes in black patent, which look similar and cost under $30.  These boots are also very close to the ones Trinity wore in The Matrix Reloaded.  They are suitable for kicking butt and piloting helicopters.  (Hey, if professional cheerleaders can do their routines in these boots — which they do; see the customer reviews — they’ll work for your Matrix activities.)

If you want to go all-in with high-end leather boots, get her the Jenny Boots by La Canadienne at Zappos (yeah, she’ll love those).




This Black Tank Top Unitard offers a comfortable alternative for your girl to wear under the Trinity Matrix long coat.

Black Tank Top Unitard

If you think your gal might not want to go all-out with tight vinyl under the Trinity coat, then there are some other options you can try.  Here’s another all-in-one option.  This Black Tank Top Unitard is just right.  It’s sexy, athletic, and she can wear it under other outfits.  She can also slip those thigh-high boots over it.  And it’s very economical at under $25.



If you want to economize a bit more and she already has some slim-fitting black pants (such as good-quality skinny jeans or even black workout pants), then you can get her just a comfortable yet sleek black top to go with them.  Below are some flattering, athletic tops she could pair with the black pants she already has (or she could wear with some of the vinyl pants listed above).


You need a good black top to go under Trinity's long coat. This stylish and modern tank top fits the bill -- ExOfficio Black Womens Tank Top

Kick butt in The Matrix in this black tank top from ExOfficio

If she needs a comfortable black top, check the one at left.  It’s got a flattering fit and a diamond-weave texture, a blend of nylon and spandex — the ExOfficio Give-N-Go Tank Top from Zappos.  It’s stretchy and she can move easily in it (just right for battling the Machine World).  And it won’t be too hot under the vinyl Trinity coat.  She’ll be able to wear it for many other uses, too.  It’s a versatile top for under $30.

Another nearly-ideal option would be the Patterson J Kincaid Vincent Tank, also available from Zappos (not pictured).  The Vincent Tank is made with butter-soft lambskin leather and has a slight sheen.  She would love wearing this tank top for many other uses besides her Trinity costume.  Be aware that it’s over $200 — this is the premium choice.  It looks great.

Or, for a slightly different approach, the Calvin Klein Essentials Long Sleeve V-Neck, from Freshpair.  If you don’t want to go with one of the catsuits, unitard, or vinyl teddy above, one of these tops should work for her under the long Trinity coat.



Trinity poster

Get the poster

Finally, round out the outfit by clicking here to get some long shiny black vinyl gloves (the photo’s a little risqué if you happen to be reading this at work).


Remember, as you’re shopping for all these items, to check the merchant’s sizing chart, if they have one, plus customer reviews.  Since all these garments are tight, you can usually err on the side of ordering a size larger and they should still work.

You should be able to put a decent Trinity costume together for around $100, or a bit more if you go with all of the best options.

Add all the above elements together and you’ll have a kickass costume, a delighted girl, and some fun…  (I was going to include a photo of other girls wearing the Trinity costume, but decided not to — I don’t want to spoil the surprise.  You will like how cool she looks when she finally models the whole ensemble.)

By the way, if you want to see more variety of Halloween costumes and get info on current good deals at some of the best costume shops online, see my post on Costume Deals and Ideas for Halloween — or Whenever.


How to create the most authentic Neo look for yourself

I’m going to assume you want to match the movie wardrobe as closely as possible.  So…

AbbyShot makes the most authentic, detailed version of Neo's coat that he wore in the lobby scene along with Trinity.

Matrix Lobby Trench Coat

First, Neo’s coat.  The best coat I’ve found is the “Lobby Coat” made by AbbyShot Clothiers.  This is a high-quality coat and the design is very faithful to the coat Neo wore when he and Trinity attacked the military installation.  That’s it to the left (don’t worry, you’ll look cooler than their model).  Click the image or here to see more pictures.  This coat is made in limited quantities, so sometimes it must be pre-ordered; leave yourself plenty of time.  You can also see other high-quality movie and TV replica clothing (Firefly, Doctor Who) from AbbyShot, available at Entertainment Earth.



The easiest and least expensive way to get the Neo outfit is as a costume, which also includes the sunglasses.

The least expensive version of the Neo costume can be purchased from BuyCostumes.

Adult Neo costume

Here it is from BuyCostumes (pictured at right):


If you want better-quality sunglasses similar to styles worn in The Matrix, see the recommended unisex shades available from Pugs Gear above.



The Matrix-style Woodland Leather trench coat from JKL Clothing provides a long black coat that Neo, Morpheus, or other characters in the Matrix could wear -- it has an authentic look and is a high-quality coat.

Woodland Leather full-length Trench Coat


If the AbbyShot coat above is sold out, there is a great alternative from JKL Clothing:  the Woodland Leather full length Matrix-style men’s trench coat (at left).  This high-quality leather coat is very similar to the coats both Neo and Morpheus wear in The Matrix.

Note that JKL Clothing is a British company.  They deliver to the UK and to most of Europe.  This is a stylish, well-made coat.







Calvin Klein micro modal black T-shirt would go well under the long coat that Neo wore for the lobby scene and would add accuracy to your costume.

Micro-modal black tee to wear under the long Neo coat

To go with the look Neo was wearing in the lobby shootout in the first film, a fitted black T-shirt will work (you’re on your own for all the guns and holsters).  This fitted black T-shirt from Calvin Klein has a modern, sort of “cyber-punk” appearance, is not too expensive, and will look great under the long coat.  For an even more premium look, try the Long Sleeve Anatomica Crewe from Icebreaker, which is made of Merino wool and has a similar texture to the shirt Neo wears.







Kenneth Cole Sateen Cotton Shirt in black

Kenneth Cole Sateen Cotton Shirt

Neo also wears long-sleeve buttoned shirts under his “cassock” and under the long coat and the one pictured at left is good.  This is a Kenneth Cole no-iron Sateen Cotton Shirt in black.  It’s got a spread collar, features a modern look, and is priced around $60 at Zappos.  You could also try this Vintage Military BDU Shirt from ArmyNavyShop in black (not pictured).


In The Matrix, Neo's clothing is tactical and quasi-military and this Holster Shirt from 5.11 will make your Neo costume look authentic.

5.11 Holster Shirt

Another kind of badass looking shirt for the Neo costume (especially with the long coat) is the one at right — the 5.11 Holster Tactical Shirt.  You can get it from Bass Pro Shops.  Add some prop guns to your costume and you’re good to go for your own lobby scene.




You can use a good basic pair of black pants for your Neo costume. Quicksilve Gone Bananas Pants for Men from Zappos are an inexpensive choice.

Quicksilver Gone Bananas Pants from Zappos — a good, inexpensive choice for black pants with your Neo costume.

The pants for your Neo outfit should be black work pants or field-style pants.  You probably own some black pants that will do the trick, but if not these are good:  Quicksilver Gone Bananas Pants in black from Zappos.   They’re stylish and athletic enough to approximate what Neo wears in the film. (Tuck the pants into the boots.)

If they’re sold out, Overstock has a good selection of other styles of black pants that will work.  Search on their site for “black men’s pants.”



Your Neo costume needs unusual-looking, rugged, black pants and these pants fit the bill -- the Mens Projob workwear pants from JKL

Men’s Projob workwear pants from JKL — just like Neo would wear.

Another option for pants would be these  black Projob workwear pants from JKL Clothing (pictured at right), the same company that supplies the Woodland Leather Coat above.  They are tough-looking black pants with cargo pockets.  JKL also has other styles of work pants that would look good as part of a Neo costume.








Corcoran 10-inch Tanker Work Boots

Corcoran 10-inch Tanker Work Boots

Now you need some boots to round out your Matrix look.  You can wear any black boots and be fine, but if you want boots that closely resemble the style Neo wore in the first movie (remember when he kicks Agent Smith down the hallway in the final fight-scene and holds his foot in the air — those boots), then these will do the trick:  Corcoran Men’s Tanker 10-inch Work Boots.  These Corcoran buckle boots might be even cooler than the boots Neo wore in the movie.  And they’re nowhere near as expensive as having a set custom-made at Motorcowboy.  Tuck the pants into the boots.




If the Corcoran boots are sold out, or you want something with a little more heft and a shinier buckle, try these leather boots from Bates:  the Bates Ridng Collection Ormond Boots (pictured below).  They have the heavy toe, just like the boots in the film, are comfortable and rugged.  You could definitely kick Agent Smith’s ass when wearing these.  Click the image below to acquire them from Zappos, the company with the best customer service on the Web.

Boots for your Neo costume should be heavy-duty and bad-ass -- these Bates Riding Collection Ormond Boots fit the bill.

Click for Bates Riding Collection Ormond Boots











Another alternative boot would be theseDanner Striker Side Zip II GTX black leather boots Danner Striker II Side Zip Boots (pictured at right).  They have a quasi-military look and are black leather, with a zipper on the inner side.  Some people swear by Danner, and some say they could be more durable, but for costume purposes these boots would definitely work.




I hope you enjoy all your Matrix adventures with your lady and never forget:  the Matrix has you.

If you put one or both of these costumes together, please leave a comment below telling how it worked out.  Did she like it?

Hey, wait a minute…  You haven’t seen the Ultimate Matrix Collection on DVD or Blu-ray yet?  There is no future in that approach.  Please rectify that now, Mr. Anderson.

The Ultimate Matrix Collection





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