Get Your “Mad Men” on — Vintage Clothing and Costumes for Halloween and Beyond at Rusty Zipper

 A little Mad Men fashionAre you among the fans of Mad Men who are fascinated by the clothing styles on the show?  Would you like to dress like that, but don’t have easy access to cool vintage clothing in your area?  Read on…

Cognoscenti of style from coast to coast can’t get enough of blogging about, and doing their best to emulate, the show’s evocative wardrobe, along with its depiction of early 1960’s America.  

Perhaps some of us just want to hark back to a “simpler” era, when wives stayed at home and men smoked, chased skirts, and drank martinis, all with negligible amounts of worry.  This was a “manlier” time, when there were no warning messages on cigarettes, Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris challenged Babe Ruth’s single-season home run record in a national pastime devoid of steroids, Breakfast at Tiffany’s was a hit, and the very first James Bond movie, Dr. No, starring Sean Connery, was about to become a hit. 

Whatever the reason for this stylish show’s appeal, it’s interesting to consider wearing your clothes in a way that doesn’t involve, say, pants sliding down your ass.  Have you wondered what it would feel like to wear a proper fedora instead of a trucker’s baseball cap?  Sean Connery would not wear a trucker’s ball cap (unless he was a real trucker).  Present-day fashion is often ironic.  Mens’ fashion in 1962 tended to evoke more formal masculinity.


If you're a fan of vintage fashion for men, click here to see many art prints depicting historical fashion styles at

Fan of the Rat Pack? Or other vintage fashion?

We get refreshing fashion trends like this every so often.  Guys periodically go through “Rat Pack” phases — for example, after discovering Sinatra music or after seeing the original Ocean’s Eleven movie. 

The movie Swingers not only got us swing dancing again but started fashion trends that persist to this day (bowling shirts, wallet chains, tank top with an unbuttoned shirt, two-tone shoes).  (Haven’t seen “Swingers” yet?  This homage to club-scene wit, the quest for hipness, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, and the paradoxes of dealing with honeys should be on every guy’s viewing list of Movies-That-Launched-Trends.)

Now we even have people riding 1950s cruiser bicycles again.  So, since we have to wear clothes to go out in public, why not make it fun, involving some awareness and creativity?  What kind of image do you want to project?  What statement are you making with your clothes?  Some of the less deliberate fashion statements made by guys are:

  • I try not to think about clothes
  • I sometimes think about clothes but, you know, Dockers are fine
  • I am a rebel, just like all the other rebels
  • Cage fighting is cool

Many guys are content to follow the herd (if you’re in the military and you wear a peaked cap, and if you’re a skate-boarder and you wear ripped jeans, in both cases you’re wearing a uniform).  But that’s not you, is it?  

Women think about their “style” all the time.  80% of guys hardly ever think about it.  If a guy puts some thought into what he wears, people, especially women, will notice.

You can get vintage clothing from many different eras at Rusty Zipper online

Whether you’re a noob or a jaded iconoclast when it comes to fashion, a great place to explore is Rusty Zipper,  the Web’s first vintage clothing store. features clothes and accessories for men and women from the 1940’s to the 1980’s.  Want to dress like Clark Gable or Cary Grant?  Want to emulate a Rat-Packer or a “Mad Man“?  Rusty Zipper’s got you covered.  Want to look like one of the Village People?  The Rusty Zipper sells actual vintage clothes from those eras — pants, shirts, jackets, suits, ties, shoes, belts, cufflinks, etc.  Not only is it a fun place to shop, it’s unique.  And, incidentally, you can find cool, one-of-a-kind gifts for your lady there, too.  At prices that are comfortable.  (The low prices allow you to have items that aren’t your exact size altered by your local tailor.)  

1960's Men's Combo Suit from

1960's Men's Combo Suit from

Here, for example, is a 1960’s men’s combo suit offered by Rusty Zipper — a gray heather blue plaid hopsack wool jacket with narrow lapels, and contrasting Kruppenheimer gray wool poplin plain-front pants.  Less than $75!  (Leaving you enough coin for a two-martini lunch.)    







1960's men's skinny necktie
1960’s skinny necktie


How about a tie to go with the suit — something like this jacquard acetate tie that’s 1¼ inches wide, for less than $12?                        


Really, this is a site you have to explore to appreciate.  Among other things, you’ll find 1950’s vintage socks (but in new condition)…     1950's men's socks - with cocktail glass                        




Of course, there is a lot more to the site than just stuff from the 50’s and 60’s (as the one-of-a-kind shoes above show).  Here, for example is a gorgeous gabardine sport shirt from the 1940’s:  

1940's Men Green Gabardine Sport Shirt
1940’s Men’s Green Gabardine Sport Shirt


A lot of this clothing is quite well-made, too.  You can find classic items at bargain prices — when new, they were rather expensive.  Put on a nice tuxedo from the 1930’s and feel the pre-WW II ambience of the era seep into you.  Or you can just go for the vintage bowling shirt. 

 And rememberthat you can also take advantage of it to get the lady in your life some cool things that she wouldn’t even suspect you knew about.  Yes, women like that sort of thing.  Have fun broadening your style, chief.



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