The Easiest Guacamole Recipe for Parties and Potlucks

Dos avocados

This easy guacamole recipe is both simple to make and tastes good.  When you’re getting ready for a party or need to bring some food to a potluck, you’re often pressed for time.  This simple guacamole dip takes about four minutes to prepare but is delicious.  It will please your appetizer-hungry guests or impress your potluck pals.

Now that we’re rolling into the holiday season, we’re doing more socializing — parties, office potlucks, tailgating, etc. — and that means fixing food.  Whether it’s your own party or you’re going to a potluck, sometimes you want to make things easy for yourself while still sharing something that tastes good. In that case, this is the easiest guacamole recipe in the world to make and everyone will enjoy it (as long as they enjoy guacamole). 

When you’re on your way to a potluck, sometimes you’re just tempted to pick up something at the supermarket deli and call it good.  The recipe described here allows you to share something that you actually made with your own two hands — always the more honorable approach when it comes to potlucks.  And it won’t be at all obvious to the snacking folks who eat it that it was so simple.

Now, I suppose the easiest guacamole recipe would be to just mash up some avocados, sprinkle salt on them and call it done.  But that would not be so tasty as the recipe here.  It would also be sham guacamole.  (Guacamole is Spanish for “squishy green guano-like paste.”  Actually, the translation of guacamole is “guacamole.”  It’s the same word in English.  Or you could call it “avocado mousse” as one Mexican restaurant menu I saw did, trying to make it easy for gringos.  Call it “avocado mousse” as you serve it at the party — that’s also known as a conversational “ice-breaker.”  Or you could be really literal and call it an “alligator pear salad.”)

The following guacamole recipe has two ingredients and tastes good.   Preparation involves just three steps…

1. Slice 2 (or more, if you’re serving lots of people) avocados in half lengthwise.  (Use one of the cool kitchen knives I reviewed to slice the avocados.)  Peel them, remove the pits, and toss them in a bowl (the avocado halves, not the peel and pits).

2. Mash the avocados.  I like to use a round potato masher.  But a fork works, too (albeit with more effort, and you probably wouldn’t have been interested in a post entitled “Easiest Guacamole Recipe” if you wanted to add effort).

Mash avocados

3. Pour a dollop of your favorite salsa on the mashed avocados and stir it in well (the salsa disappears, leaving only that creamy green).  I personally prefer Herdez Casera medium (imported from Mexico). Test the taste with a chip.  If it’s still a little too avocadoey, add more salsa.

Avocado and salsa


Then serve.  It’s really tasty!

Now, I know what you’re thinking.  That’s too easy.  Well, I didn’t say it wouldn’t be easy, did I?  I said it was easy.  “Ease” is between you and your conscience.  All I know is that people like to eat this stuff.  And you made it yourself.  Hey, avocados and salsa don’t just put themselves together.

Of course, when you go to your potluck or have your party, you’ll want to supply some chips to go with your delicious guacamole.  It’s the right thing to do.  If you want to be a little more hip with your chips, go to your favorite Mexican restaurant and pick up a bag of their chips, the ones they serve with the house salsa while you’re waiting for your entré.  Much better than a lame bag of Doritos.

When you put the guacamole and chips together, you get this:



Festive, eh?  Now you can confidently proceed to be the life of the potluck, as you enjoy all the great dishes that other people have spent hours slaving over.  In order to entertain those people and enhance your rapport, you can memorize and perform the following*:


*Courtesty of “Community.”

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